First Week on Tour

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What a long and exiting week of driving. Today marks 1 week since my departure from my hometown of the Gold Coast. There is so much to see and do in beautiful Queensland, and not enough time to do it in. I am currently on night number 6, in a gorgeous donation camp just outside of Georgetown called Cumberland Chimney Historic Sight. Upon my trek here from Karunda, I passed numerous wandering cows, a ton of kangaroos and even two startled emus. Needless to say I have definitely given up on driving after the sun goes down as its far too dangerous. The scenes of this trip took a big turn today venturing west from Cairns. The sunsets out here are stunning, and I know its only going to get better. But before I talk about where I am headed, let me recap on where I’ve been over the last few days.


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After my stay with Alain & Hannah, I boosted it to Clairview, eager to get as far north as possible to really get this trip underway. Clairview is a spot I remembered from a much younger time, having been taken here by my parents when I was only a fresh teenager. I arrived very late, woke up early, had a quick look around the beach and ventured back on the road. I stopped in various parks along the way to Airlie Beach, even popped into Mackay for a gym session. I arrived at Airlie beach a couple of hours before sunset and decided to sit on the beach and have a couple of peanut butter sandwiches. It was bliss. I wanted to head up to the pub for a beer but decided against it. I wanted to see the sunset up by Horseshoe Bay, and I am so glad I did, as the scenes were much sweeter than a beer on a hot day. The sun was setting on the beach beside Horseshoe Bay, and the pictures just don’t do it justice. Absolutely gorgeous. 

I used my hot shower from the Van for the first night in Bowen, before trying my best to find a free place to sleep. I thought to myself, surely they’ll let me sleep at the truck stop if I fill up my Van. I asked the lady behind the counter and she instantly said ‘No.’ I must have looked devastated because she looked as though she immediately felt guilty. I milked it, turned on the charm and she changed her mind. ‘Just park up by the tanks and stay out of the way of the trucks.’ I did a fist pump in my mind. Apart from the loud backpackers over the fence, it was a pleasant stay, but really, beggars can’t be choosers so I wasn’t complaining. 

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I spent the next morning from 7am at Horseshoe Bay. I didn’t leave until 11am, it was just too perfect. I shot off to the gym in Townsville before trying to get as close to Cairns as possible. Before finding a place to stay I stopped in at a short walk in a National Park I can’t remember the name of between Townsillve & Gunnadunga. It was here I met two turtles that I appropriately named Turkey & Flamingo. I made it to Hotel Gunnadunga where, if you purchased a meal and a beer, you could park out back. Sounded good to me, although I really didn’t want to drink. The beer went down well though. Lets just say there were some odd creatures at this hotel. The owner was a legend, and you could tell he was just putting up with these patrons as they were the only ones buying grog. 

After this interesting night I headed to Cairns and arrived fairly early. It was here I caught up with a mate of my friend Logan, Jay. I think I sat at his cafe for about 5 hours updating Queenstown bookings, website info and ads for this campaign. 2 coffees and a belly full of lunch, I drove to Trinity Beach for a dip and a walk. The water was extremely warm! Thanks Jay for the hospitality!

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I parked up by Karunda that evening, and in the morning I enjoyed the Barron Falls walk. It was gorgeous. I jumped the fence to try and get some unobstructed butt shots with the waterfall in the background, and found an old track that lead down to the old hydro power station. I managed some epic shots of the waterfall from this track, and even some good butt shots. That leads me to Georgetown where on the way I stopped in at Dinner Falls, and a massive crater site. Both were so amazing to see. The crater is 130m deep and only fluctuates half a degree all year around. The lower 70 metres is completely covered in water and supports some unique wildlife. 




Remember, if you know anyone who is organising a hens party over the next few months, you know who to contact. This tour is dedicated to giving your hens night a male stripper they’ll never forget! Check the main page for information, destination dates and rates. I am contactable anytime. If I am out of range, please leave a message and I will get back to you. Let’s raise as much awareness and funds for the Melanoma Institute as possible!