Known for his sexy male strip routines in New Zealand's party capital Queenstown, Aussie boy Aaron Maloney took his Late Night Gents show on an Australian tour in support of Melanoma Institute Australia.

  • Melanoma is the 4th most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia today. 

  • In 2018, it is estimated that 14,320 new cases of melanoma skin cancer will be diagnosed in Australia.

  • Melanoma is the most common cancer in Australians aged between 15-39

  • Australia & New Zealand have the highest Melanoma rates in the world. 

  • 1 Person every 5 hours dies from Melanoma in Australia

  • Melanoma is almost always curable if caught early

melanoma institute Australia


When my oldest friend in the world sat me down and told me 'don't freak out,' I freaked out. My friend and I are now 30 years old and both grew up on the Gold Coast. She had been putting off her skin check for months, and had finally been pushed by her boyfriend to visit a skin specialist. The news wasn't great, and she was scared. Preparing me for the worst, she had only one piece of advice: Get your skin checked and don't wait another day. 12 months down the track we are still lucky enough to have her in our lives. So far 12 melanomas have been cut out, and thankfully she is still alive. 

We all know the dangers and capabilities of the sun, but when was the last time you had your skin checked?

About 4 years ago, as a way to earn extra cash, I approached a local strip club in Queenstown, New Zealand where I was previously residing about the possibility of doing some topless waitering and learning the trade of male stripping. Since then I have started my own business (Late Night Gents) dedicated to entertaining girls for their bachelorette and hens parties. The male stripping industry shouldn't be taken too seriously. It should be hilarious, a little rique, and above all, FUN! 


Late Night Gents embarked on a tour around Australia raising money and awareness for The Melanoma Institute Australia. The objective was to get as many bookings as possible, where every dollar earned from these gigs was donated.

The goal was to also arm as many people as we could with awareness. We as Australians know the capabilities and dangers of the sun, but can you remember the last time you had your skin checked? I certainly couldn't. The message: GET YOUR SKIN CHECKED. What better way to get this message across by taking my own clothes off to encourage you to see your local skin specialist to take off yours!


Thanks fo the support and kindness of others, Late Night Gents was able to donate a massive $3748 to The Melanoma Institute Australia. I couldn’t be more proud of this achievement. 

I love you. Always.-6.png

Like I have said before, its not ALL about how much money is raised; AWARENESS is everything. I am also extremely proud to say I have made hundreds of pinky promises all over Australia with people to get this skin checked at their skin specialists. You know who you are! 

The more people who hear the message to get their skin checked, the better. No one deserves to die from this awful cancer, and we can prevent it. Convince someone you love to get their skin checked too, you just might save their life.

Thank you to all that have followed this tour, shared posts, very generously donated funds and have started the conversation with people about the importance of skin checks. I am happy to let everyone know my dear friend is safe, being checked regularly and is an enthusiastic advocate for people to get their skin checked. She has a huge heart, and her attitude towards life and Melanoma never ceases to amaze me. I am so grateful to have seen Australia this way, and to hopefully make a small difference. 

A very special mention to these awesome sponsors below who believed in this tour as much as I did. Without them this tour wouldn't have been possible and I will be forever grateful for their support. Thanks for reading!

Last Blog Post - Do Me a Favour and Read This One

sealers cove
Wilsons promontory

Over the last few weeks I have made my way up though Sydney and all the way back to Byron Bay, The Gold Coast & Brisbane. What an amazing journey it has been. On this last leg I stopped by Wilson’s Promontory for a hike out to Sealers Cove, a magical untouched beach down near the southern end of Victoria. I also bumped into an Echidna I cleverly named Spikey down this way which was pretty cool to see. From here I shot through Lakes Entrance, Marlo (where the Snowy River meets the ocean) Eden, Tathra and Burmagui before stopping in at Murranarang National Park for the night. I camped in a spot right by Honeysuckle Bay, a gorgeous spot about 7kms from the main road. I was a little nervous Roger wouldn’t make it because the road was pretty touch and go, but he made it without a hitch. 

Murramurang National Park
Honeysuckle Bay
Murramurang National Park
Maloney's Beach

I found out the next day that Sydney had 1 months worth of rain in only a day, hence why the weather was pretty terrible. I took my time to reach Sydney, passing through Maloney’s Beach (absolutely irresistible to check out) Ulladulla, Hylam’s Beach, and Kiama. I arrived at the big smoke in the afternoon and the following days I was spoiled by two mates Alfie and Ash. Thank you boys again for your hospitality - I had a hoot. Another good mate of mine Brenton, took me out for a shoot on Washaway Beach over in Sydney’s Northside. Always such a great time working with him, and I’m excited to see the results! 

Bondi Beach Sydney
washaway beach Sydney
Byron Bay

So here I am now back on the Gold Coast after a huge drive back from Sydney. I stopped in for a swim at Pearl Beach on the Central Coast, and made sure I didn’t go past The Farm in Byron, and the famous beach for a dip in the sea. This has been an incredible experience but its not quite over yet, although this will be my last blog post. I have The Gold Coast and Byron Bay this weekend, Brisbane next weekend, and then the tour will come to an end. Its been an honour spreading this message, and I am thrilled at the amount of pinky promises I have made people make to get their skin checked. At the end of the day its not ALL about how much money has been raised (although I think the final amount is a total I can be proud of) but its about AWARENESS. The more people who can hear the message to get their skin checked, the better. No one deserves to die from this awful cancer, and we can prevent it. I hope if you’re reading this you get your skin checked, if not for you but for the people who love you, because I am sure they want you around for as long as you can be. Convince someone you love to get their skin checked too, you just might save their life. If you want to donate click on this link: www.latenightgents.com/gofundme - all money collected goes to the Melanoma Institute Australia to help find a cure.

Also, have a wonderful Sun-Safe Christmas with your loved ones, and spare a thought for those who have had their lives taken away from them too early. Remember just how lucky you are, to be alive. 

Uluru, Breakdown in Central Victoria & Some Fine Tattoos

Its been a couple of weeks since I last wrote in this blog so I have a little to catch up on. I will keep it simple, brief and hopefully a little funny. 

the Olgas

Uluru was fantastic. The landscape is as you’d expect, however the rock is way bigger than anticipated! We spent our first day exploring Kata Tjuta, or the Olgas, followed by lazing by the pool sipping on rum. This trip was a quick one so the next day we really took in the sights of Ayer’s Rock. Its amazing how many people actually die here trying to climb the rock. Apparently most deaths are from heart attacks as the walk is quite steep. I would imagine the odd tourist would venture away from the chains assisting in the climb, and might meet their demise by falling off one of the many sheer cliffs either side of the track. After another afternoon of lazing by the pool drink in hand, we went back to see the Field of Lights and the sunset by the rock. There was champagne on arrival which we thought would mean one drink, however we were met with a constant flow of champagne and canapés to feed an army. The Field of Lights was stunning. 


Upon my return to Melbourne I bought with me a very special lady, my Mum. My parents have been very supportive throughout this tour, so supportive in fact, my mother even made my rip away pants. Cheers Mum. My Grandmother grew up in Central Victoria, in a place called Stuart Mill. I thought this was the best opportunity I would get to see these parts, and what better tour guide than Mumsy. We drove up and caught up with Mum’s cousin and wife who now own ‘The Castle’ where Grammy grew up, living just a few doors down. My Mum, as brave as she is, knocked on the door to meet a 60-something year old fella wearing nothing but a dressing gown and reeking of weed. Hesitant at first, he eventually came around to the idea of letting us walk through the old bud brick house he was renting. By the end of our visit he was so enthusiastic about us being inside that it was hard to leave. Grammy would have turned in her grave knowing the state of the place, but it was still awesome to see the house my Great-Great Grandparents built. Insane. 


As part of the tour we had to see St Arnaud - a town down the road from Stuart Mill. We were looking for a place to stay the night when Roger decided this was the perfect time for the alternator to go. 10pm. We had to be towed to the nearest mechanic which was another 50kms away in a town even smaller than St Arnaud - Charleton. There was no choice but to stay in the van parked outside the mechanic for the night. As annoying as the situation was, it was also quite funny. We still made the most of our time the following day meeting locals, drinking coffee and having some great chats. By 5pm Roger was ready to be collected. We finished our tour of the region and made our way back to Ballarat where we stayed the night in a nice mo

12 Apostles Great Ocean Road

The following day we boosted it down the the 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road. We took the day to drive this amazing road all the way back to Melbourne. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. My father was not impressed at our last minute decision to tackle the Great Ocean Road, especially that we had made it all the way to Bells Beach.

male stripper Australia great ocean road

We arrived back in Melbourne later that night after a 2 hour traffic jam due to accidents on the freeway. Again, frustrating, but the time with my Mum was priceless. I wouldn’t have changed a thing. The days to come would be spent having coffees, catching up with mates and hitting height clearance warning chains at Melbourne Airport dropping Mum off. Got stuck on a One-Way overpass into Terminal 4, eventually found a place to pull over before the second warning chains, had to call Airport Security to stop traffic and escort me out. Surprisingly they were really cool about it. I would have thought stupidity of this level deserved a fine but apparently it happens regularly. In my defence there was no warning before the actual warning chains, however I still felt as dumb as a post.  We were running a tiny bit late for Mum’s flight so when we pulled over she basically told me I was on my own. Fair call, and seeing her scurry towards the terminal building over the last bit of road made me laugh even more. 

Kingston tattoo Melbourne brad Murphy

During my time in Melbourne one of my sponsors tattooed a gorgeous design on one of his clients. Brad decided to donate the fee to this very worthy cause - The Melanoma Instte Australia. Thank you so much Brad! Your support is appreciated so very much. 

I also took he plunge and had Brad tattoo me as well. Two images designed by Brad after showing him my inspiration. A boat, originally designed by my Father for his business back in the early 80’s, which he had my mother paint on a sign for him, which she claims made her so sick that she went into labour with my brother. I couldn’t be more proud to have this on me forever. The boat is floating over a heart with two hands shaking in front. This was taken from a ring passed down from my Mother’s Father to my Brother. This design means the beauty of love and friendship. 

Kingston Tattoo Moorabin Brad Murphy

I was supposed to leave Melbourne a fair bit earlier this time around, however I had a call from my dear pal Liam in Adelaide who was coming back to Melbourne to pack up his house. I agreed to stay, help and hang out for the weekend. Sydney here I come! I’ll be there by Friday this week. Remember, if you know anyone who needs a Male Stripper for a Hen’s Party over the next few weeks, ask them to hit up my website to see if I’ll be in town. All proceeds are being donated to The Melanoma Institute Australia - a very worthy cause. Please help me get the word out! Also remember that if you can’t book me to support this fundraising event, you can do one of two things; show your support by convincing a loved one to go and get their skin checked, or donate a few bucks to my gofundme page that is in the tab above. Together we can fight Australia’s National Cancer. 

The Great Ocean Road, an epic photoshoot, and A quick Cairns trip

Started the day today with a nice cooked brekky on the beach, took me right back to being a kid camping by the beach. The Great Ocean Road was calling so I hit the road as soon as I could. The Great Ocean Road was absolutely gorgeous. I seriously underestimated how long it would take me to drive this leg of the trip. It felt like every 2 minutes I was pulling over to look at yet another incredible rock formation off the coast. The way the cliffs have been eroded by the waves and wind make for a spectacular coastline. This is one part of Australia everyone should try and see in their lifetime. Its relatively easy to asses being so close to Melbourne. Take your time and really experience it. There is so much to see. I plan on coming back here over my time in Melbourne to really take in the rest of the sites.

great ocean road
great ocean road male stripper
great ocean road male stripper
great ocean road

I was challenged to get a nude shot somewhere along the Great Ocean Road and do you think I managed to? Stupid question - of course I did. 

I arrived in Melbourne quite late, far later than I had expected. Sorry again mate. My mate Evan and I went out for dinner straight away and somehow got onto the topic of my tour with the waiter. Let’s say young Ben is going to get his skin checked as he has never had it checked before. I told him I’d be back to check. We drank wine, laughed, and caught up. Its as it should be when mates catch up. Distance and time doesn’t affect a thing. 


I ventured to Cairns from Melbourne to host FNQ Magazine’s 5th Birthday. The theme for the evening was QUEEN of the NIGHT with performances by Paulini, Alfie Arcuri, Luke Antony and dancers: Reece and James. What an amazing and talented group of performers. The night went fantastically and we managed to raise a decent amount of money for the Melanoma Institute Australia. Although I wasn’t there to strip I had to ham it up and let the crowd know I was a male stripper here to take time out of male stripping duties to host this wonderful event and raise money for MIA. All in all, a seriously successful night. A big thank you and shout out to Jay from FNQ Magazine for the opportunity to host this incredible event. I had an amazing time, met some extraordinary people and can’t wait to do it again. Jay is a very generous person, extremely selfless, and always puts others first. Thank you for supporting this cause, a cause that is dear to my heart. You so quickly took me on board and helped me raise awareness and funds for this very worthy charity. 


Ps don’t worry I gave the crowd some butt wiggles and a tear away pants reveal. 

I returned to Melbourne after this amazing weekend and enjoyed a few days of catch ups with mates, an awesome shoot with a very talented photographer and a great night of healthy debates, questionable salmon cooking and delicious Central Otago Pinot Noir - all of whom agreed that this region supplied the best Pinot Noir in the world. Thank you Mel and Evan for a wicked night. I also caught up with Brad, Amanda, Bobbie, Pat and Eddie on Melbourne Cup Day down at their local RSL. There’s something about when Brad and I get together. We act so silly and find it very hard not to laugh the entire time. He is a dear friend and someone who really believes in what I am doing. I am grateful for their support and can’t wait for next weekends Pop-up Tattoo Day! The proceeds of which are being donated to the Melanoma Institute Australia. 

male stripper australia Melbourne

My shoot with Stano was fantastic. He has such a creative mind and a real gift for finding art in less obvious places. I met Stano at a friends wedding and since then I have followed his work through Instagram - go ahead and hit up his page (@stano_murin_photgraphy). I am always fascinated with what he achieves and I feel very honoured and lucky to have had the opportunity to work with him. A bathtub in the middle of his garden was my favourite location, and I am still buzzing from how much fun I had along side Stano. Evan and I returned the next night for dinner where Stano spoiled us with his cooking. I am coming back for the Chocolate Mousse. We watched old music videos and talked about the evolution of art in pop culture. Thanks for having us Stano, can’t wait to catch up again. 

male model Australia Melbourne

Convincing people to get their skin checked is as important as the fund raising in my eyes. The more people I can convince to get their skin checked the better. We should be telling everyone we know to book a check. Often these checks are free, and this cancer is proven to be preventable. During my time in Melbourne I was introduced to a great woman who was interested in what I was doing. I told her my story and she told me she had lost a friend to Melanoma only 18 months earlier. She was 32 years old and was given less than 6 months to live. All I could think was that could have been my oldest friend in the world, a girl who is like a sister to me; the reason why I am doing this. No one should die from Melanoma.  

So here I am on a plane to Uluru. I am taking a short break from my tour to catch up with someone very special. Roger needed a break to so instead of driving to Uluru, I opted for a flight. Evan is taking care of him in Brighton while I am away. Cheers Mav.

Queenstown Male Strippers - Business as usual

Male Strippers Queenstown - Late Night Gents - Male Stripper Packages 

While Late Night Gents is currently on a tour around Australia raising funds and awareness for Melanoma Institute Australia, our Queenstown guys are still operating as per normal. If you are hosting a Hen's Party, Bridal Party or just a really good time, get in touch with us today! 

Late Night Gents caters to all your male entertainment needs, offering a variety of services ranging from the merely cheeky to the outright risqué!

With many flexible options, all delivered with the upmost professionalism, we ensure a party atmosphere of fun & total satisfaction.

Late Night Gents is Queenstown's only exclusive male entertainment company dedicated to making your night one to remember. We operate with Queenstown's premier clubs who can assist in venue & catering options. These venues can be hired privately, and are best booked between the hours of 5-8pm. What better way to get the night kicked off!

Not in Queenstown? We can also travel to you at an agreed travel charge all over the Otago & Queenstown Lakes District Region. Please get in touch by clicking here if you have any questions at all.

Whatever your requirements, don't hesitate to contact us to arrange your special event. Our Male Strippers are more than accommodating to your needs, and are dedicated to making your night, one to remember.  

At Your Service, Late Night Gents.

male stripper Queenstown

Waiter and Strip-O-Gram Combo

From Topless Waiter to Male Stripper – Your entertainment for the evening will kick off with a Sexy Strip from one of our Male Strippers for your Hen or Birthday Girl, followed by body shots and games for an hour. If one of Queenstown's premier Strip Club's we are affiliated with is used, this will include an additional bartender at no extra cost! So if you want to treat yourself and your favourite hen for a night the whole party will never forget this is the perfect package for YOU!  

topless waiter male stripper Queenstown

Topless Waitering
$200 p/hour 

Make it a night to really remember...be waited on with a steady flow of drinks by one of our Buff Topless Waiters. This package will offer plenty of laughs for your Hen or Birthday Party! Wearing only a bow tie, cuffs and an apron, one of our Male Strippers will make sure everyone's drink is topped up!

male stripper Queenstown

Whipped Cream and Lap dance

Essential for any Hens Party, Birthday Party or raunchy girls night in! This 3-4 song high energy Male Strip will give one special lady a fun and sexy night in Queenstown she will never forget. This one is definitely not for the shy type.  Be prepared for body shots at the end! One of our Male Strippers will have the whole party giggling and blushing in no time!

life drawing male model male strippers Queenstown

Drawing and Topless Male Waiter
$200 p/hour 

Are there any artists in your group? Maybe look at doing a life drawing of one of our gorgeous Male Strippers to keep as a memory, and then be waited on by your very attentive male entertainer. But it doesn’t stop there, we can also organise an assortment of Hens Party games to really get the party started.

We would love to make your party one to remember. Get in touch today to book your Hens Party Experience in Queenstown

G'day from SA

sunset Whyalla

We started off the week with yet another gorgeous day in South Australia making our way from Ceduna to Whyalla in a day! Along the way we visited Streaky Bay, Coffin Bay; which was stunning, stopped in at Port Lincoln for lunch and finally made it to Whyalla where we camped for the night. I was told that the oysters at Coffin Bay were giant, but I had completely forgotten about this even though I remember seeing a ton of ‘oysters for sale’ signs about. The waterfront was like a painting so even without the oysters it was worth a visit. We set up camp near Whyalla and very quickly passed out as we were all pretty tired from the long drive. 

point lowly

The next day we set off relatively early, but not before the girls cooked up a very healthy breakfast. It was a feast! Thank you Laure and Alex for the cook up! With our bellies full we ventured on through Point Lowly, Port Augusta and Port Pirie, taking a selfie or two along the way. We drove past a tyre/timber sculpture of a loch ness monster in a dry salt bed lake near Lochiel and as you can imagine I turned that car right around. The flies were everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE but a good old nude pic on that monster was a must. The girls were laughing at my sheer hatred for flies and my amazing driving/fly swatting skills I exercised along the way. 

Alex, Laure and I

The reason why I am posting all of these photos of myself naked is to show people that you should be comfortable taking off your own clothes. I will take mine off in all of these weird and wacky scenarios, to encourage you to be comfortable enough to take your clothes off for a skin specialist or doctor to get your skin checked for any skin cancers or melanomas. Be proud of what you have, because everyone is different and special. I believe no body should die from melanoma, or cancer in general for that matter. Awareness is key.

male stripper Australia tour
dolphins garden island

We hit Adelaide and it was time to say goodbye. The girls were off to Melbourne and I was heading to see my very dear friends, Liam & Aisa. We made a tutorial video on Kiwi Lingo as Alex was moving to New Zealand in just a few days, and then parted ways. The next few days I spent catching up with mates. We sank some beers down on Semaphore Beach, celebrated Aisa’s birthday in the city and went fishing out at Garden Island where dozens of dolphins hung out with us. I managed to catch 3 fish, their size I will not disclose (don’t worry they were thrown back) and Liam managed to somehow catch a crab. Needless to say we went to the fish and chip shop afterwards. I also caught up with the Bray family who I hadn’t seen in about 10 years. It was like no time passed at all. We reminisced and laughed about how ridiculous we were when we were 16 and 17. I don’t know how our parent’s eyes weren't permanently rolled in the back of their heads. We were harmless nightmares. Can’t wait to come back and see them all again. 

Liam Aisa and I
Robe Beach
blue lake mount gambier

Today’s I stopped by Robe Beach for a cuppa and some lunch, and Mount Gambier where I took a squiz at Blue Lake. Blue Lake is a pretty interesting site given that the lake itself is a crater lake. When the volcano last erupted it did so through the limestone bed, allowing the underground water to fill the crater, forming the lake that you see there today. With the sun just close to setting I ventured off to find a camping spot, which brings me to Port Macdonnell. My face lit up when I drove in from the highway. The view is insane. The way the waves crash against the steep cliffs  jutting out of the ocean is amazing, and I haven’t seen anything like it since the Great Australian Bight. The fact that you can camp here for free and wake up to the sounds of the ocean is just awesome. There’s really nothing quite like it. I am aware I have said that several times.

I will be arriving in Melbourne tomorrow with the hope of getting some media attention and gigs to help my goals of raising as much money as possible for The Melanoma Institute Australia. If you know anyone who is attending or organising a hens party in Melbourne, Sydney, Byron Bay, The Gold Coast or Brisbane, please send them to latenightgents.com because all money raised from any gigs on this tour will be donated to this very worthy cause. 

I am also off to Cairns in a few days to host Queen of the Night for FNQ Magazine’s 5th Birthday Celebration! I can’t wait. Its a flying visit, only a couple of days, but if by any chance there are any Hens Parties up there over this weekend that need a male stripper, please let me know! I will do my best to make it happen if I am not busy with this event.

Port Macdonnell
most southerly point SA

For a moment there I was quite confused. I thought that this sign meant the southerly most point of Australia, and I was sure that couldn’t be the case, and then I saw in little letters: ‘SA’s’


Are you hosting a Hens Party soon? Are you stuck with what games to play for your Bachelorette Party? Late Night Gents has you covered. If you really want to make your Hens Party one to remember, book one our our amazing Male Strippers to knock the socks off your group! Another great way to get the party started is to play some Hens Party games. We have narrowed down some of our favourite games that we know the party will enjoy. See below for these great ideas!

male stripper Queenstown australia


Divide the Hens Party into 2 teams. The Bride will be the captain of one team, and usually the Maid of Honour is the captain of the other. Blow up two condoms and tie them up at the end like a balloon. Get the two teams to line up side by side. The two captains are to stand at the front of their team’s line. The aim of the game is to pass the blown up condom down the team’s line and then back to the front. The catch is your cannot use anything below your shoulders to pass the condom down the line (no hands.) Your Male Stripper or Topless Waiter can be the mediator for this game. If either team is caught cheating, you will have to start all over again at the front of the line. The first team to get the condom down their line and back again, wins. 

Requirements: Box of condoms. 

male stripper Queenstown / Australia


You will need a large roll of paper for this one, typically a piece of butchers paper will do, long enough to draw a human body to scale on. Your waiter will lie down on the paper while the Bride will carefully trace around him using a marker in her mouth. You will also need an A4 image of the Groom’s face (preferably a funny one) that the waiter will attach at the head of the drawing once its complete. Once this is done your Topless Waiter will blindfold all members of the party separately and get them to mark where they think the penis will be on the outline of the body. There are a few ways you can do this; either by using a marker in the mouth, lipstick or simply by placing a cartoon picture of a penis, or even drawing one. 

Additional notes: You can also hang the paper on a wall and have the Male Stripper or Topless Waiter stand against it if this is easier for the group.

Requirements: Large roll of paper & marker

male strippers Australia / Queenstown


Divide the party into teams. Usually you would have 3-4 people per team. Make sure you have plenty of toilet paper. Each team will require a minimum of 4 toilet rolls - 6 if you want to get really fancy. 

Each team is going to make a wedding dress using only the toilet paper provided. A member of each team will have to volunteer to be the ‘Bride’ for their team, be sure to use the Topless Waiter or Male Stripper as a model in a team. 10-20 minutes is all each group will require to complete their dress. Once this time is up, each of the team’s ‘Brides’ will line up and walk the runway for the actual Bride to judge. Your Bride will determine the winner. 

Additional notes: 
Make sure you have plenty of spare toilet rolls at hand for any mishaps. 
Also, more often than not, guys are getting involved with Bachelorette or Hens Parties. If this is the case and they are joining in on the game, make it a rule that the blokes be the model - the whole party will love it, and in 99% of cases, the model will love it as well. 
Furthermore, give prizes for most durable dress, prettiest dress and most imaginative dress ect. These can be items as simple as sweets. 

Requirements: Large amount of toilet paper & prizes

male strippers Queenstown / Australia


Divide the Hens Party into 2 teams. The Bride will be the captain of one team, and usually the Maid of Honour is the captain of the other. Get one person from each team to sit side by side at a table or bench. Your Topless Waiter or Male Stripper will blindfold these two and place a ball of playdough in front of each of them. The person who makes the best penis, or most imaginative penis with the playdough will win. The timer is set to 60 seconds. Your Male Stripper or Topless Waiter will determine the winner. The team with the best score will win the game. 

Additional notes: Make sure you pit the Bride and the Maid of Honour against each other in the final round.

Requirements: Blindfold & Playdough

Male Stripper Australia New Zealand Queenstown


You will need some balloons blown up for this one. Get all the members of the party to write down a sex position and put it in a hat. Divide the Hens Party into 2 teams and get each team to form a line. The Bride will be the captain of one team, and usually the Maid of Honour is the captain of the other. The two captains are to stand at the front of their team’s line. 

The Male Stripper or Topless Waiter will hold the hat up high, and stand beside the pile of balloons. When he says GO the captains of each team will run to the Waiter and pick a piece of paper from the hat and a balloon. They will read the sex position and run back to the next person in line and pop the balloon whilst mocking the sex position described. Once it has popped the next person in line is to run to the hat, pick a piece of paper and balloon, and return to the next person to pop the balloon in the same fashion. The first team to complete their line will win the game. This is hilarious and will end in absolutely everyone laughing like crazy!

Additional notes: The less air that is in the balloon, the harder to pop.

Requirements: Balloons - one per player, per round (with a few spare), paper and pens. 

Male Stripper New Zealand Australia Queenstown


Every member of the group has to write a short embarrassing story about them and the Bride (anonymously). The Waiter will then read them out and the Birde has to guess which one of the party wrote the story. 

These bitches don't need no filter

male stripper Australia/Queenstown hens party

The last coupe of weeks have been exceptionally amaze balls. Here I am on the outskirts of Ceduna, South Australia for the night, and its dawned on me I have some recapping to do. I will start where I left off - Perth. When I first arrived I was shocked at just how large the city is. I don’t really know what I was expecting, however I hadn’t really put much thought into it. I explored the city of Perth and Fremantle over the next fews days, also catching up with a good old mate of mine, Tom. Tom was nice enough to let me crash at his, recoup and relax in an area a hell of a lot bigger than my van. Heaven. I arranged to meet with a photographer by the name of Rich Mathias in the city that lead to a shoot confirmation which I was extremely excited about. The days leading up to the shoot I spent in the gym as you would expect. The shoot was an absolute blast and I’m so excited to see even more images. 

Another huge adventure awaited when I picked up Matt from the airport. Again, super excited about this. I am the type of person that wings it in most scenarios, When I am on the road I rarely really know what camp site I will end up on until roughly 2 hours before the sun goes down. Sometimes I have better plans than this, but often not. Matt is very well organised and had an epic itinerary planned. We ventured through Bunbury and Busselton on our way to Margaret River where we would stay for a couple of nights. A wine tour was a must - we looked no further than ‘Wine for Dudes’ - a tour targeted at our demographic, and it hit the spot. Some people on the tour got a little more drunk than others… me… but we became pals pretty quick and had a great time. Armed with a case of excellent wine, we left the next day for Green Pools, Elephant Rocks, and Manypeaks National Park.

male stripper Australia/Queenstown hens party
male stripper Australia/Queenstown hens parties
male stripper Australia/Queenstown hens party

Like most beaches in WA the sand was snow white and the water, crystal clear. We stayed in the van on the beach in Manypeaks and it was simply stunning. The picture above is where we actually parked the van. Listening to the waves crash through the night was incredible. Next was two nights in Esperance where we would explore Le Grand National Park - home of Hellfire Beach and Lucky Bay. If you haven’t been, plan a trip sometime in the next decade. Words and photos do not do this place justice. The beaches in the Esperance region are without a doubt the best beaches I have ever seen. After an awesome time down in this region, a fair wack of good coffee, tons of relaxing and a number of drone test flights, it was time to head back to Perth, but not before one last destination on the way back. We heard the waves were pumping at Wave Rock so we had to stop in for a surf. Such an interesting rock formation in the middle of no where that stands about 15m tall and actually looks like a breaking wave. We took our compulsery hilarious selfies (I can’t take credit from Matt for this) and hit the road once again. On this trip it was decided pretty early on that we had to return with a 4WD, and soon. The access on beaches is endless for these vehicles, and good old Roger with his 2WD capacity just wouldn’t cope. I really don’t want to get bogged again.

wave rock australia

From here it was a dead East drive to Kalgoorlie. I stopped by the Mega Pit and took some snaps, and drove past the Two-Up Shed that excited the bogan Australian in me. The Mega Pit was something else; previously Australia’s largest open cut mine, but recently overtaken by another. Next was Norseman where you chose to go left to head to Adelaide, or straight ahead to go back to Esperance. I wanted to go back to Esperance but decided I should keep on track. I picked up two lovely French Canadian girls in Norseman, Alex and Laurie, and they have been keeping me in good company for the last couple of days. After not too long it didn’t feel like I was giving a couple of hitch hikers a ride, it felt like I was taking a couple of mates for a long drive along the beach. We stayed in Madura one night, after dodging kangaroos on the road for about an hour. We set up camp, made a fire and yarned until it was time to hit the sack. They pitched a tent and I retreated to my van. They carried on with me the next day where we stopped in at Eucla, going for a dip down at the beach, crossed the WA/SA border and explored the cliffs along the Great Australian Bight. We stopped in just outside of Ceduna for the night and once again made a fire, cooked dinner and toasted marshmallows playing the game, ‘how much would I have to pay you to do…’ What a great way to spend the evenings.

two up shed Kalgoorlie
male stripper Australia Queenstown hens parties
male stripper Australia Queenstown hens party

I have been trying to contact as many media sources as possible to really get the word out about this tour. I haven’t been very successful in this but I remain optimistic. I will be in Adelaide in a few days and then in Melbourne not long after. Please help me get the word out! Every dollar I earn from any male stripping gigs at hens parties, bachelorette parties, church masses, ect will be donated to the Melanoma Institute Australia. Also remember that if you can’t book me to support this fundraising event, you can do one of two things; show your support by convincing a loved one to go and get their skin checked, or donate a few bucks to my gofundme page that is in the tab above. Together we can fight Australia’s National Cancer. 

male stripper Australia/Queenstown hens party
male stripper Australia/Queenstown hens party
male stripper Australia/Queenstown hens party