WA - What a Coastline!

coral bay

From Hearson’s Bay I have made my way to Manilya for the night, hosted by a lovely free camp just after the small service station. Tonight showed Roger the first lot of rain this trip, and he didn’t leak. The rain only took 32 days. The only reason I knew which day it was is because my mate Liam asked me today what day I was on and I had no idea. He seemed pretty disappointed so I thought I’d better figure it out. I had crossed the Tropic of Capricorn, after taking a series of butt shots in the middle of no where along the way, only to cross it again the next day to get to Coral Bay.

Ningaloo reef

Coral Bay and the Ningaloo Reef was stunning. The water couldn’t be any clearer and the reef was full of Marine Life. I did a boat tour and it didn’t take long before we saw a Turtle. This turtle must have been at least 70cm in width. They anchored at two snorkel spots and we jumped in. We saw Travally, Barracuda, and Reef Sharks. Between snorkel locations we were able to jump on the boom net as the boat was moving. I was sitting beside a mother and her 8 year old son. The Mother said to her boy, ‘water is a bit cold isn’t it?’ He replied, ‘Yeah, but I just did a wee so I feel a bit warmer.’ I thought it was hilarious. Too honest and too cute. 

After this excitement I made my way though Exmouth and to Yardie Creed Homestead. It baffles me that the loveliest parks with the most stunning back drops can be so damn cheap, and the dirtiest, uncared for roadhouses on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere can be deer as hell. Yardie Creek sits between the North West Cape, and the Peninsula beside Exmouth and offers stunning sunsets over the water this time of year. I was lucky enough to witness one. On my way back the next day I stopped by Vlamingh Head Precinct where there is lookout that sees over the entire coastline. Far out in the ocean I was able to see whales breaching. 


I crossed back over the Tropic of Capricorn and couldn’t help myself with seeing Coral Bay one more time. I made a video for FNQ Magazine with the bay in the background, a perfect backdrop in my opinion. I found a spot to camp a few hours after this, made a fire and cooked my dinner over the coals, something I much prefer to do out here rather than using the gas in the van; feels more authentic. After a shower out the back and a full belly of dinner, I was out like a light. 

mal stripper australia

This morning I woke up to my next adventure. And what an adventure it was. I almost didn’t take the road to Shark Bay because I was so eager to get to Perth to try and get some gigs for this tour. 130kms, and had it been any more than that and I probably would have turned back. This is one to return to for sure. Only a short drive in and you hit Shell Beach. The salt in the water is twice as strong as normal salt water due to a few differing factors. I had a dip here and I still have salt residue all over my skin. Onto Shark Bay and I had some brekky while overlooking the water. Not far from Shark Bay is Little Lagoon and a further 30kms sits Monkey Mia. No photos of any of the places above do them justice. You have to see them with your own eyes. I found a little sand bank island at Monkey Mia and stayed there for about an hour. I had a swim with some hermit crabs and took about 200 selifes. I passed goats, emus, cows and kangaroos. When I lived in Queenstown the danger on the road was tourists and black ice. Here the danger is most certainly wandering animals. You absolutely have to keep your wits about you. 

Remember guys, I am a specialist when it comes to hens parties and bachelorette parties. If you know anyone who is organising a hens party or bachelorette party in Australia over the next few months get the to head to contact me. Queenstown is still operating as normal. I have decided to stay in Perth for few extra dates - (18th, 19th and 20th October). Help spread the word and make a booking! All proceeds from this Australia tour are going to Melanoma Institute Australia.