Broome & Making my Way down south

Broome was a lovely wee place. Quite hot as expected as its currently in the build up to the Wet Season, however the days were gorgeous. Upon my arrival, the lady at reception told me I had to check out Staircase to the Moon that was expected to rise at 6:52 that evening. I had heard about this from a good friend and was told that if I missed it I was a bloody moron. Down at Town Beach the markets were bustling and I thought to myself, ‘hows the serenity?’ I believe this Australian tour has made me even more Strayan. I witnessed this from the end of the rock jetty where tourists and locals were tripping over rocks trying to find their way with their iPhone lights, young cool hipsters were lighting incense and strumming low to below average guitar skills, and kids were constantly asking their parents when the moon would come up. Still, aside from all this, the moon rising was absolutely incredible. It truely did look like a stairway to the moon, but photos just don’t do it justice.

cable beach Broome

The next day I made my way to Cable Beach for a swim. The beaches around here are so stunning, and relatively untouched. Upon sunset I returned to Cable Beach to watch the sunset and see the camels. Sunsets like nothing you’ve ever seen before, just beautiful. While here in Broome I found a really great gym, Natural Edge, where I met some awesome people and managed a few workouts over the few days I was here. I even managed to convince a dude by the name of Dan to get his skin checked. He understood the importance of these checks, but like a lot of Australians and Kiwis, had let it slip under the radar for some time. 

camels cable beach Broome
cable beach sunset

Before leaving this beautiful place I also stopped by Gantheaune Point. The water is so clear and the sand so white, but still not really that safe to go for a dip. I had received a message from my mate Steve in Darwin. His family and I had popped down to Berry Springs for a swim and just days after a 3.5m croc was spotted in the swimming spot, hence the springs were closed for a period. No words, just the headline: ‘Croc spotted near popular NT swimming spot, Berry Springs now closed’ - love it. 

NT croc sighting
Gantheasune Point

So currently on Warla Way I have passed through Port Hedland where I had a quick drive through the city and stopped by the coastline. I found a sign to a ‘Clothing Optional’ beach which I found quite funny. I didn’t venture down there but I still thought it was worth a mention. Nice to know there are people just like me who like to nude up in a place like Port Hedland. I am currently visiting Karatha after a night of camping at Yale River, a free camp spot on the road between Port Hedland and Karatha. After sunset I was able to light a fire and cook my dinner over the ashes. You can’t beat it. I woke up early and carried onto Hearson’s Cove. I sat here, had some morning tea and took a walk along the beach. Such a lovely peaceful beach. Its low tide so instead of going for a swim I’m writing this blog. 

hearson's cove WA
clothing optional beach WA Port Hedland

So onto my next destination: Coral Bay. Don’t forget to tell all of your mates in Perth that I am extremely close to arriving. If they know of anyone who is planning a hens night or a ladies night, please get them to contact me! Its so important to get the message out there to get your skin checked, and I want to raise as much money through these male stripping gigs as possible for the Melanoma Institute Australia