G'day from SA

sunset Whyalla

We started off the week with yet another gorgeous day in South Australia making our way from Ceduna to Whyalla in a day! Along the way we visited Streaky Bay, Coffin Bay; which was stunning, stopped in at Port Lincoln for lunch and finally made it to Whyalla where we camped for the night. I was told that the oysters at Coffin Bay were giant, but I had completely forgotten about this even though I remember seeing a ton of ‘oysters for sale’ signs about. The waterfront was like a painting so even without the oysters it was worth a visit. We set up camp near Whyalla and very quickly passed out as we were all pretty tired from the long drive. 

point lowly

The next day we set off relatively early, but not before the girls cooked up a very healthy breakfast. It was a feast! Thank you Laure and Alex for the cook up! With our bellies full we ventured on through Point Lowly, Port Augusta and Port Pirie, taking a selfie or two along the way. We drove past a tyre/timber sculpture of a loch ness monster in a dry salt bed lake near Lochiel and as you can imagine I turned that car right around. The flies were everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE but a good old nude pic on that monster was a must. The girls were laughing at my sheer hatred for flies and my amazing driving/fly swatting skills I exercised along the way. 

Alex, Laure and I

The reason why I am posting all of these photos of myself naked is to show people that you should be comfortable taking off your own clothes. I will take mine off in all of these weird and wacky scenarios, to encourage you to be comfortable enough to take your clothes off for a skin specialist or doctor to get your skin checked for any skin cancers or melanomas. Be proud of what you have, because everyone is different and special. I believe no body should die from melanoma, or cancer in general for that matter. Awareness is key.

male stripper Australia tour
dolphins garden island

We hit Adelaide and it was time to say goodbye. The girls were off to Melbourne and I was heading to see my very dear friends, Liam & Aisa. We made a tutorial video on Kiwi Lingo as Alex was moving to New Zealand in just a few days, and then parted ways. The next few days I spent catching up with mates. We sank some beers down on Semaphore Beach, celebrated Aisa’s birthday in the city and went fishing out at Garden Island where dozens of dolphins hung out with us. I managed to catch 3 fish, their size I will not disclose (don’t worry they were thrown back) and Liam managed to somehow catch a crab. Needless to say we went to the fish and chip shop afterwards. I also caught up with the Bray family who I hadn’t seen in about 10 years. It was like no time passed at all. We reminisced and laughed about how ridiculous we were when we were 16 and 17. I don’t know how our parent’s eyes weren't permanently rolled in the back of their heads. We were harmless nightmares. Can’t wait to come back and see them all again. 

Liam Aisa and I
Robe Beach
blue lake mount gambier

Today’s I stopped by Robe Beach for a cuppa and some lunch, and Mount Gambier where I took a squiz at Blue Lake. Blue Lake is a pretty interesting site given that the lake itself is a crater lake. When the volcano last erupted it did so through the limestone bed, allowing the underground water to fill the crater, forming the lake that you see there today. With the sun just close to setting I ventured off to find a camping spot, which brings me to Port Macdonnell. My face lit up when I drove in from the highway. The view is insane. The way the waves crash against the steep cliffs  jutting out of the ocean is amazing, and I haven’t seen anything like it since the Great Australian Bight. The fact that you can camp here for free and wake up to the sounds of the ocean is just awesome. There’s really nothing quite like it. I am aware I have said that several times.

I will be arriving in Melbourne tomorrow with the hope of getting some media attention and gigs to help my goals of raising as much money as possible for The Melanoma Institute Australia. If you know anyone who is attending or organising a hens party in Melbourne, Sydney, Byron Bay, The Gold Coast or Brisbane, please send them to latenightgents.com because all money raised from any gigs on this tour will be donated to this very worthy cause. 

I am also off to Cairns in a few days to host Queen of the Night for FNQ Magazine’s 5th Birthday Celebration! I can’t wait. Its a flying visit, only a couple of days, but if by any chance there are any Hens Parties up there over this weekend that need a male stripper, please let me know! I will do my best to make it happen if I am not busy with this event.

Port Macdonnell
most southerly point SA

For a moment there I was quite confused. I thought that this sign meant the southerly most point of Australia, and I was sure that couldn’t be the case, and then I saw in little letters: ‘SA’s’