Last Blog Post - Do Me a Favour and Read This One

sealers cove
Wilsons promontory

Over the last few weeks I have made my way up though Sydney and all the way back to Byron Bay, The Gold Coast & Brisbane. What an amazing journey it has been. On this last leg I stopped by Wilson’s Promontory for a hike out to Sealers Cove, a magical untouched beach down near the southern end of Victoria. I also bumped into an Echidna I cleverly named Spikey down this way which was pretty cool to see. From here I shot through Lakes Entrance, Marlo (where the Snowy River meets the ocean) Eden, Tathra and Burmagui before stopping in at Murranarang National Park for the night. I camped in a spot right by Honeysuckle Bay, a gorgeous spot about 7kms from the main road. I was a little nervous Roger wouldn’t make it because the road was pretty touch and go, but he made it without a hitch. 

Murramurang National Park
Honeysuckle Bay
Murramurang National Park
Maloney's Beach

I found out the next day that Sydney had 1 months worth of rain in only a day, hence why the weather was pretty terrible. I took my time to reach Sydney, passing through Maloney’s Beach (absolutely irresistible to check out) Ulladulla, Hylam’s Beach, and Kiama. I arrived at the big smoke in the afternoon and the following days I was spoiled by two mates Alfie and Ash. Thank you boys again for your hospitality - I had a hoot. Another good mate of mine Brenton, took me out for a shoot on Washaway Beach over in Sydney’s Northside. Always such a great time working with him, and I’m excited to see the results! 

Bondi Beach Sydney
washaway beach Sydney
Byron Bay

So here I am now back on the Gold Coast after a huge drive back from Sydney. I stopped in for a swim at Pearl Beach on the Central Coast, and made sure I didn’t go past The Farm in Byron, and the famous beach for a dip in the sea. This has been an incredible experience but its not quite over yet, although this will be my last blog post. I have The Gold Coast and Byron Bay this weekend, Brisbane next weekend, and then the tour will come to an end. Its been an honour spreading this message, and I am thrilled at the amount of pinky promises I have made people make to get their skin checked. At the end of the day its not ALL about how much money has been raised (although I think the final amount is a total I can be proud of) but its about AWARENESS. The more people who can hear the message to get their skin checked, the better. No one deserves to die from this awful cancer, and we can prevent it. I hope if you’re reading this you get your skin checked, if not for you but for the people who love you, because I am sure they want you around for as long as you can be. Convince someone you love to get their skin checked too, you just might save their life. If you want to donate click on this link: - all money collected goes to the Melanoma Institute Australia to help find a cure.

Also, have a wonderful Sun-Safe Christmas with your loved ones, and spare a thought for those who have had their lives taken away from them too early. Remember just how lucky you are, to be alive.